Guidelines for coaching to conduct test in Kota

Guidelines for coaching to conduct test in Kota
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Guidelines for coaching to conduct test in Kota: Study control guidelines for coaching institutes running in the state to reduce stress among students and improve their mental health 2023:The  Honorable Chief Minister, on 18th 8 2023, communicated with the coaching operators to prepare an action plan to solve this problem, as per the order of the Administrative Reforms Department dated 24.8.2030. A high level committee was formed under the chairmanship of the Principal Secretary, High Technology Education. Guidelines for coaching to conduct test in Kota

Guidelines for coaching to conduct test in Kota
Guidelines for coaching to conduct test in Kota

Action by Rajasthan Govt to Reduce Student Burden

Guidelines for coaching to conduct test in Kota: Taking this topic seriously , Summit discussed about the problem with stakeholders, registration department, coaching students, parents, coaching director, hostel PG director, question teachers of different districts, police officers and after receiving suggestions, they formed After study and analysis, the high level committee presented its reports to the state government on 19923.
These reports were accepted by the star before the state government and suggestions were considered. After discussing this issue, it was thought to solve this problem and to solve this problem, orders were issued under which tests should not be conducted in any coaching center for 2 months and there should be no pressure of any kind on the children. Guidelines for coaching to conduct test in Kota

The following main reasons were found behind the Student Stress

  • There is a lot of competition in competitive exams and it is also difficult to pass it successfully and the syllabus and difficult test papers put mental pressure on the students.
  • Many children do not have the interest, ability and capability for these competitive exams.
  • Many children live away from their families.
  • Excessive testing, making their results public, pressure on students for low marks
  • Monotonous environment and lack of educational activities
  • Guidelines for coaching to conduct test in Kota

Guidelines by High Court of Rajasthan Govt

Guidelines for coaching to conduct test in Kota:In this regard, So. moto number 99/2016 was registered by the High Court of Rajasthan Government, which has already been approved, taking a ban on the incidents of student stress by coaching.

Based on the recommendations made in the reports presented by the high level committee and the approval received from the administration level, in continuation of the guidelines issued earlier, I am studying the coaching institutes running in the state and making many rules for selection among the students and improving their mental health. You will find the list of those issued below

Guidelines for coaching institutes and the students

  • In coaching institutes, students will not be given admission before class 9. If any student has taken admission before dummy, then he will be given the option of exit and he can take his full fees through coaching.
  • Then more will be given admission in coaching institutes only after assessing their literacy through screen test and orientation and counselling.
  • After admission, there will be regular intervals to check the child's progress with his/her parents from time to time.
  • In which institutions, at the time of admission, batches of student will be made on the process of admission  and no changes should be made in them till the completion of the course.
  • In coaching institutes, each class should admit students in proportion to the available space in the class and should not admit more students.

Guidelines for coaching to conduct test in Kota

Coaching institutes should not make the results of assignments and tests public.
Keeping the results of assignment tests confidential, do regular analysis at your level and counsel those children who are continuously getting low marks and whose academic performance is continuously falling, as per the guidelines.
Do not change the batch of children on the basis of test assignments conducted after admission.

In order to identify the mental stress system of the coaching students at the initial level, the coaching institute should get its entire staff including its operators, teachers and teachers trained as per the need by a special health organization and provide personal counseling to the coaching students to free them from mental stress. .

Institute should appoint only qualified and tested counselors from the available number who are capable of solving the problems of the students and do not put any mental pressure on them. Coaching institutes should ensure that the students are getting continuous access to the services of counselors without any hassles.

The coaching institute should compulsorily keep one day of complete holiday in the week so that there is no mental pressure on the children. Do not organize any test or examination on the next day of holiday.

Long vacations should be arranged according to major popular festivals so that students can come in contact with their families and become emotionally strong.

Activity day  should be organized every week in the best activity form so that children can be entertained and can further increase their interest in reading and stay away from harmful activities.

EXIT OPTION for students

During the period of 120 days after admission in coaching, if any student feels comfortable and helpful in living in accordance with the system in coaching, then he can choose the exit option as per the wish of the guardian. The remaining period will be given to him on a proportionate basis by the coaching institutes. The fees will have to be returned.

The coaching institute should give primary counseling to the students for 45 days, second counseling on 90 days and third counseling on 120 days. The time of these counseling is if there is a continuous decline in the performance of the child and if there is no improvement is seen, then in such a situation, call their parents and tell them about other career options and provide them the option of exit by returning the remaining fees on a proportionate basis.

 Provide HELPLINE NO. to all students

It has been made mandatory for all coaching institutes to issue a helpline number. For this, they can post the free helpline number at all the important places of coaching like entry gate, exit gate, match canteen, classroom, counseling classroom, office etc. Such that every coaching student can get the free helpline number.

Coaching institutes should make 24*7 helpline and complaint portal more effective and promote it.

Guidelines for Teachers and Counsellors

Guidelines for coaching to conduct test in Kota; Coaching teachers should not discriminate against students on the basis of their academic performance. Teachers in institutions should not limit themselves to just reading the subject of coaching but should encourage the students and counsel them and prepare them mentally.

Provide online source for students

Guidelines for coaching to conduct test in Kota: Along with offline study, the coaching institute also provides online study to its students so that if a child is unable to come for coaching due to this reason or has gone home, he can study from home.
Coaching institutions should also ensure that along with the coaching course, the subject of life management, which explains the importance of life, should also be taught.

Guidelines for coaching to conduct test in Kota

Guidelines for coaching to conduct test in Kota: If the class syllabus is running in the institutes then they can take the test of their candidates in 21 days. If the candidates have completed the course then they can take the test of their students in 7 days only. There will be mandatory leave on the next day of the test.

It is not mandatory for any student to take tests on a daily basis. All students can give tests as per their wish. If they have to give a test then they can give it. If they do not want to give it then no pressure will be put on them.

Guidelines for the hostel & PG operator

Guidelines for coaching to conduct test in Kota: Guidelines for coaching to conduct test in Kota: For the hostel & PG operator, more children should not be kept in hostels and PGs than the required literacy. The best period rent is on leaving the hostel PG. Match charge should be refunded on monthly basis. Helpline number should be displayed at the entry exit gate. CCTV cameras should be installed.

PDF of "Guidelines for coaching to conduct test in Kota"

Guidelines for coaching to conduct test in Kota: You will get the PDF of Sir's PDF given below to reduce the stress of children in Kota by the Government of Rajasthan. In this PDF, the Government of Rajasthan has given all the terms and conditions according to which the coaching staff will be able to take the test of their students. If you want to download the video of Rajasthan Government's necessary guidelines for Kota, then you will be able to download it from the link given below. Guidelines for coaching to conduct test in Kota

Download the PDF of "Guidelines for coaching to conduct test in Kota"

If you want to download Video of the guidelines issued by the Russian government for the coaching institute for conducting the test in after two months The direct link of the pdf is given by you can download the pdf from the given links. If you like this post, then share with your friends. If you think this post is Informative website as the bookmark 

PDF in Hindi

PDF in English

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